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After a long of managing projects across the United States, I decide to finish my work on my parents’ back porch and enjoy the rare cool summer breeze. All around me, life is truly busier than any California office environment. Crickets chirp in the distance. Birds fly in and out of the lattice work, busily gathering twigs for their nests. At least 10 hummingbirds buzz by; one hovers just a foot in front of me staring at me like I’m the anomaly here.

Life in the country does have it’s share of distractions.Between the mosquitos and sweltering heat, I rarely am able to grab a moment outside. But when I do, nature has never ceased to disappoint me with an amazing show.

Last week, as storm clouds gathered for the daily afternoon thunderstorm, the sun gathered a few for a light show like nothing I had ever seen. Hues of purple and pink to yellow and gray bounced off the rain-filled clouds as the sun descended behind the trees. I grabbed my camera and shot as many angles as I could before the light disappeared and the storm clouds reformed into billows of dark gray and black.


It was truly amazing how quickly nature changed. The light disappeared as soon as it had appeared just moments before. This time I was lucky enough to see it, appreciate it, and capture its beauty. But how many times do I not stop to even look? What beauties has my busyness stolen away from me?

The country will undoubtedly teach me many things in the upcoming years, and this lesson is simply one of many. Although my roots are in the country, I am surprised how far I’ve grown from living the country life. It’s not the times of busyness when God speaks most to me, but in the times of quiet and reflection. God, I invite you to speak.


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