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Where was God?


During the past week, since the brutal murder of 20 children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, I’ve heard that question. Where was God? In the middle of arguing about gun control and violence in our schools, many Christians have blamed the lack of prayer in schools for the beginning of our downward spiral. “We ushered God out of our schools and then wonder where He is when something like this happens.”

I thought hard about this and was bothered. While laws can limit they way we pray in our schools, they cannot stop them completely. Prayer will always been in school. I believe a lot of prayers were spoken to God on that very morning. The government can’t stop that. In the moment of our deepest need, we instinctively reach out to God.

Where was God on that morning? He was in school. He was at Sandy Hook Elementary School, comforting children, giving guidance to teachers, and calming parents in their darkest hours. Did He just show up that morning? No, I believe He was always there.

Keep Their Candle Burning:

Last night, I was challenged to remember the names of the children killed (and their legacy) instead of the name of their killer.

  • Pick a child to “adopt” and “connect” with.
  • Memorize his/her name.
  • Post a photo of his/her on your refrigerator.
  • Tell his/her story.
  • Pray for his/her family & friends daily.

If everyone takes just one child. Their memories will live on in our lives every day. (Profiles of a few are linked here – Remember that there are others not listed here). Pass it on.



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