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Dreaming Stories

Do you love to dream? I do. 

As a kid (and I’ll admit, as an adult), I often put myself to sleep with stories dancing in my head. I’d weave tales of mystery, romance, and unexpected twists and turns until my day dreams faded into the night dreams that would keep me company for the rest of the night. 

A few years ago, I began teaching creative writing classes to young children in California and quickly learned that my dreams could not begin to match the active imaginations of these young creative minds. As they weaved tales of fairies and aliens, monsters and foreign worlds, I hoped to guide them to develop the techniques of the craft. In doing so, I discovered a passion within me that had long lain dormant. 

When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher. My early educators had inspired me, and I wanted to inspire others. Although my career path has taken more twists and turns than the stories I used to create, I continued to work with kids in church and on the mission field. After months of unemployment, I began teaching in California out of desperation. I never dreamed my passion for writing would one day intersect with my former desire to teach young children. I had truly found a new love. 

This weekend, I am beginning a new adventure. Through a partnership with the Henderson Public Library in Fletcher, North Carolina, I’ll be facilitating a workshop called “Dreaming a Fun Story” – the first in a short series of creative writing workshops…just for kids. This weekend, the focus is on dreaming. Kids aging from Kindergarten through Grade 8 have registered in addition to several parents whom have asked to sit in. 

In addition to these workshops, other opportunities to teach creative writing are on the horizon. I am so excited about this turn in my career and the opportunity to work with dozens of young dreamers and encourage them to find a passion for writing. Please pray with me this weekend as we launch this new initiative. 


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