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How Much Is Enough?

The harshest voice I hear on a daily basis is the one inside me – the nagging little voice in my head that constantly reminds me that what I’m doing is not enough.

With several stories out on editors’ desks, the waiting game resumes. That’s the life of a writer. No news doesn’t always mean good news. With the vast amount of pieces submitted to publications today, very few editors even bother with rejection letters anymore. The alternative – no news.

In the meantime, while a writer waits, a writer writes. That’s what the voice inside of my head tells me every day. On the days I don’t write, I’m condemned. On days I do, it’s not enough. Why are we our own worst enemy?

My husband looked me in the eye last night and told me what all creatives know, yet so easily forget. It takes time to be creative. Often scrunched in moments between laundry and cooking, working part-time and grocery shopping, I grab for moments to write. But when they come, I’m surprised when the inspiration is not with me.

Can creativity and writing be crammed into a busy daily schedule? According to my husband, who has a 9-5 job, the answer is clearly no. It comes when cultivated with time and has no clear schedule. The creative thinker is always thinking, always waiting on inspiration to spark, always ready for the creative energy to move. And often, it arrives at the most unlikely times.

Words of wisdom from a husband who doesn’t claim to know anything about creativity, but a lot about creative people.


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The Art Film Phase of an Epic Adventure

We all love a good story. Stories capture us, consume us, and leave us wanting more. They take us on adventures we could never otherwise experience. They lead us down paths that exist only in our dreams. They challenge our thinking, our beliefs and even our very lives.

When I begin reading a new book, I shut everything out. Nothing else matters as I leap into the pages and lose myself in the story. When I come to the last page, I am grieved that I have arrived at an ending – for in my mind, the story lives on for days, weeks and possibly even years.

Check out this incredible blog posting on (In)Courage.me about how stories affect us.

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