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Ahead, a dark shadow stretches high into the sky, blocking our path and engulfing the daylight. It grows larger with every step, looming overhead, darkening everything that surrounds as we draw near. There’s no turning back. No alternative road to travel.  Moving forward – toward the mountain – is the only option.

Facing a mountain can be frightening. Following unknown paths to steep hills and rocky cliffs only promise a difficult climb and probably some sore muscles ahead. But at some point in life, we all face a mountain to climb. The looming shadow ahead of us could be the loss of a job, health problems, a disconnected relationship with a spouse or children, loneliness, or even a tough decision that challenges your morals and beliefs. Regardless of the name it carries, it is still a mountain so much bigger than ourselves.

How do we react when facing an unexpected mountain? My first response is often to turn around and run in the opposite direction – back to a time when things were “normal” or I felt “safe”. I don’t want to face this. This is bigger than I. I don’t have the strength to walk through this. But going back to where we were is never the right thing when God is calling us forward.

Just when the urge to hide is greatest, I know I must take the first step — into the unknown,  into a difficult place, into a time when I know that God will stretch my muscles and grow my faith. That first step is often the hardest one to take. But each step is doable if taken one at a time. I must move forward. And only when I arrive at the other side of the mountain will I be a stronger person with greater faith in a God who guided me through one step at a time.


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