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I’ll be the first to admit that I love cool, crisp days when the sky is a bright Carolina blue. As the winter fades away into spring, the bright greens of new growth covering the mountains excite me with new opportunities of the season yet to come. Yes, there’s something special about a clear day when I can see for miles and drink in the vibrant colors around me. I feel invincible. Adrenaline races through my veins, and I feel as if I can accomplish all my dreams. But not every day is colored with Carolina blue skies.

Last weekend, as my husband and I drove back across the North Carolina line from Tennessee we were blinded by the dense fog of the Great Smoky Mountains. After spending a couple days in the Tennessee valley, walking in the lush green forests and newly blossomed wildflowers, I was suddenly disappointed that my vision of the mountains covered by Spring had been shielded from my view. I longed to race to the edge of every vista point with my camera and capture the rolling hills. Instead I was faced with an unending gray. So much for a day of photography!

Fog. I hated fog. It stood in between me and the beauty of God’s creation. But as I began stare at the foggy images around me, a new beauty began to emerge. No, I couldn’t see much. Mountains and valleys were still covered in a blanket of dense clouds. As I took my eyes off the distant landscape, I refocused on the images closer to me. The once green trees were now somewhat eerie, but beautiful silhouettes partially hidden in the mist.

I decided to take a chance. Pulling out my camera, I asked my husband to pull over at the next stop. Just as the fog was its heaviest, I stepped out into a world very different than I had photographed in the valley. Hues of blue light glowed through the now mysterious forest. What had once been openly visible was now a scene that held secrets I could not see. I was intrigued.

Fog can be scary. It obscures the path from our view, forcing us to focus on the very steps that are closest to us — ones that we would often ignore if we could see for miles.

Fog takes our attention away from distant futures and tomorrows and helps us focus a little more clearly on today. During times when our futures are uncertain, we can only see the moment that exists, right here, right now; nothing more. It brings a little mystery into our lives, a sense of beginning an adventure into the unknown. Sometimes, a little fog in our lives can give us more clarity than the ability to see for miles ahead.


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