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Daily Grace

Last week, I finished readingĀ Scared by Tom Davis, a story of a photojournalist on assignment in Swaziland, Africa. Although fictional, Davis’ illustrations were based on years of working with real orphaned children around the world.

One scene particularly captured my attention. A young girl Adanna had gone without food for weeks, but when given several days worth of supplies decided to share it with her village friends in one great feast. Davis explained that, in Africa, especially in remote villages where poverty is extensive, families didn’t horde supplies. They shopped for only what they needed for that day. Worry about the next day’s meal could wait until tomorrow.

I recently changed my grocery purchasing habits from restocking my pantry every week to buying just what was needed for the upcoming week’s meals. This was tough for me, but I discovered that I spent less on groceries each month and didn’t waste as much food. I couldn’t begin to imagine only shopping for today.

Then it occurred to me…isn’t that just what God wants us to do? Maybe not specifically with groceries. But the idea of focusing simply on today. “Don’t worry about tomorrow…each day has enough trouble of its own.”

God often only gives us what we need for the moment, the right now, for today. He’ll provide what’s needed for tomorrow when that moment arrives. By stocking my pantry for days to come — planning and worrying about the future, I realize that I’m relying more on myself than Him.

Yet, while I try to live each moment in his daily grace, I have to work at putting those worries and concerns for the future away for another day. What good will it do me to worry? Each day has enough trouble of its own.


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